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Natural nonstick - free from PFAS - built for a lifetime.

Achieve professional results - surprisingly easy

The lightweight aluminum core offers perfect heat conduction and distribution, while the outer layer of stainless steel provides superior heat retention and crispy frying results. The result is versatile 360-degree heat control.

See how easy it is to cook with 5-ply!

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Save time and money with one of our carefully selected kitchen sets, equipping you for any task in the kitchen - whether you're a Michelin-starred chef or a passionate home cook.

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Tools for better culinary experiences

We design all our kitchen utensils to meet the standards of a professional kitchen. Based on the best raw materials, each utensil is produced in collaboration with skilled craftsmen with centuries of experience to ensure you quality that lasts a lifetime.

Trusted by top chefs

Thomas Rode

Former Michelin chef

Dak Wichangoen

Former Michelin chef and Masterchef judge

Brian Mark Hansen

Kitchen chef, Søllerød Kro

Jeppe Foldager

Head Chef, Dragsholm Castle

7 reasons to choose pots and pans in 5-ply

In professional kitchens, they swear by stainless steel constructed in 5 layers - with a core of aluminum.  And we think it's a shame that these fantastic pots and pans...

Our philosophy

We started as a group of passionate food lovers who began creating kitchen utensils that make cooking easier, more enjoyable, and better.

Since 2016, we have partnered with the world's best chefs and craftsmen to provide you with tools for better culinary experiences - for the rest of your life.

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