Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards

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Cutting Board

To slice fresh ingredients into fine slices or pieces, you need a practical and durable cutting board in addition to a good knife. offers both knives and cutting boards, but on this page, it's our selection of cutting boards that is in focus.

If you desire a new and high-quality cutting board that you can use whether you need to slice vegetables, fruits, meat, or something else entirely, you should buy a versatile cutting board from our selection.

Cutting Board for Meat, Vegetables, and More

Some kitchen accessories are used more than others. The cutting board is among the accessories that are used the most in kitchens nationwide. For many dishes, it is necessary to slice, chop, or dice ingredients, and for this purpose, a cutting board is indispensable.

Our cutting boards are versatile and can therefore be used for many purposes. The edges of the boards are also cut at a 45-degree angle, which makes it easier to handle the boards.

Cutting Board with Juice Groove

With our wooden cutting board with a juice groove, you avoid meat juices running out over your cutting board and onto the countertop or floor. Our wooden cutting board is equipped with a deep juice groove to prevent this. Whether you're cutting meat or fruits, a wooden cutting board with a juice groove will collect all the liquid released during cutting.

You Can Also Present Food on Our Cutting Boards

You can not only use a cutting board to slice meat into delicate slices or chop vegetables or fruits. Our cutting boards offer a beautiful and elegant design, making them perfect for serving dishes. Therefore, do not hesitate to carve the roast into delicious slices and serve the meat directly on the cutting board. The cutting board can also be used for serving tapas and much more.

Protect Both Knives and Countertops with a Good Cutting Board

No matter what ingredients you need to slice, chop, or dice, it is common sense to use a cutting board, preferably one of high quality. In our range, you will find cutting boards that not only protect your countertop from scratches and damage. The cutting boards are also gentle on your knives.

Buy a Danish Designed Cutting Board of the Highest Quality

What would you say to getting a cutting board that is as elegant and exclusive to look at as it is functional and durable? If you couldn't resist this opportunity, then we have the right match for you. We offer you a Danish designed cutting board made of solid oak. The natural properties of the wood make the cutting board both antibacterial and beautiful. Furthermore, the cutting boards are produced in the EU.

Cutting Boards in Several Different Sizes

A well-equipped kitchen should ideally contain several cutting boards and preferably in several different sizes. Therefore, we naturally sell our high-quality cutting boards in several different sizes. Remember to specify the desired size when ordering.

If you need to slice a large roast into slices, it is practical to use a large cutting board with a juice groove, but if you just need to cut a lemon or an apple into small pieces, a smaller cutting board will suffice.

A Cutting Board that Is Gentle on Your Knives

A cutting board is an indispensable part of kitchen equipment, but not all cutting boards are equally gentle on your knives. If you want to protect your knives and extend their lifespan, you should consider investing in a wooden cutting board.

It's not just the aesthetics that make a wooden cutting board so fantastic. The soft and porous wood material absorbs shock and resistance when you cut, making it more gentle on your knives. This means that your knives will retain their sharpness and cutting ability for a longer time.

So if you want to protect your knives and have a more pleasant cutting experience, a wooden cutting board is the perfect choice for you.

With Proper Maintenance, Our Cutting Boards Will Last a Lifetime

It may sound too good to be true that you can buy a wooden cutting board that can last you a lifetime, but it's true. With proper use and maintenance, the cutting board can be used for decades. Just remember to wash the board by hand and oil the cutting board from time to time. If you find that the wood has raised slightly, you can easily sand the cutting board with fine sandpaper followed by oiling. Then the cutting board is as good as new.

We Offer Free Delivery of Your New Cutting Board

As a customer at Gastrotools, you get many benefits.

If the desired cutting board is in stock, we can deliver it to you within 1-2 business days. You just have to pay for the cutting board itself – we will take care of the shipping costs.

If you have chosen the wrong size, or if you want to return the purchased cutting board for other reasons, you can do so easily within 30 days. We offer a 30-day return policy.