Frying Pan - 5-ply

Set - 24 + 28 cm |
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The perfect set for any roasting task. Here you get both a frying pan of 28 cm and 24 cm.

  • Produced in Italy
  • 5-layer construction
  • CoolGrip handle
  • Oven safe up to 430 degrees
  • Optimized for induction

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<li>Oven safe up to 430 degrees</li>
<li>Dishwasher safe</li>
<li>Lifetime guarantee</li>

  • Oven safe up to 430 degrees
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime guarantee

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With maximum heat control, rapid responsiveness, and an indestructible construction, our 5-ply stainless steel frying pan is indispensable in any kitchen.

Meet your new favorite pan. Constructed at a small Italian family workshop in 5 layers of metal - to provide you with a durable pan that is easy to clean and offers superior heat distribution and quick heat control.

The 5-layer construction provides much better cooking results, giving you even better flavor in your food. The aluminum core ensures that there are no uneven heat "hot spots" - so you avoid food sticking. Look forward to crispy sears on your steaks, intense aromas in your pan sauces, and crispier edges on your perfectly fried eggs. The curvature on the sides of the frying pan is designed to give you a larger cooking surface and easier handling - while the flared rim makes it easy to pour sauces from the pan without spilling. And our unique CoolGrip handle ensures a perfect, cool grip.

Discover the difference with a carefully constructed frying pan the next time you cook your favorite dishes.

Engineered for better cooking

We construct the 5-ply series with 5 layers of metal, where the 3 inner layers of aluminum conduct heat 15 times better than stainless steel. This means that heat is distributed evenly and quickly, preventing your food from burning. The outer layer of magnetic 430 stainless steel is optimized for induction, while the inner 304 steel is highly corrosion-resistant - giving you all the benefits of high-quality stainless steel.

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CoolGrip-handle developed with chefs

The 5-ply series has been developed with feedback from top chefs. To protect your hands and provide ultimate comfort, we have cast the CoolGrip-handle in stainless steel with air in the core. A professional, durable design that makes handling easier - and keeps the heat away from the handle.

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Trusted by professionals

Thomas Rode

Former Michelin chef

Dak Wichangoen

Former Michelin chef and Masterchef judge

Brian Mark Hansen

Kitchen chef, Søllerød Kro

Jeppe Foldager

Head Chef, Dragsholm Castle