Knife storage

Take good care of your kitchen knives with knife storage that is both gentle on the knives and a stylish addition to any kitchen - ensuring that you always have your essential kitchen tools close at hand.

Knife storage

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Knife Holder

Your favorite knives should not only be used and maintained according to the instructions. They should also be stored in a practical and elegant way. Practical and elegant knife storage is achieved with a knife holder. If it is important to you to always have your knives within reach and you want to protect them as much as possible, dive into our selection of knife holders. We probably have a knife holder that fits your knives and your kitchen.

A Knife Holder Gives You a Good Overview of Your Knives

As any other dedicated home cook, you surely care a lot about your kitchen knives. Therefore, you will likely appreciate always having a good overview of your knives, and that is precisely what you get with a good knife rack.

The desired overview is easiest ensured with a knife holder, as with this knife rack you can store your favorite knives in one place. This makes it easy for you to reach for the knife you need for the specific task, whether you need to chop herbs and therefore need a paring knife, if you need to cut vegetables and therefore need a vegetable knife, etc. There are knives for every purpose, and with a knife holder, it becomes even easier to maintain an overview in the kitchen. This ultimately makes cooking more enjoyable.

Protect Your Knives with a Practical Knife Holder

A knife holder not only helps you get a good overview of your knives. The knife holder also helps protect your kitchen knives from bumps, scratches, and scrapes. If you stored the knives in drawers together with other utensils, such damages could occur instead.

If you are also interested in being able to use your kitchen knives for a lifetime, you must take extra good care of them, and on that note, a knife holder can work wonders.

Beautiful Knives Deserve to Be Displayed

If you have invested in beautiful and elegant kitchen knives, there is no reason to hide them in a drawer or cabinet. Instead, they should be displayed prominently, as their presence can make the kitchen more personal and authentic. With a magnetic knife holder, you get the perfect tool for exactly this.

Wall-Mounted Knife Holder

There are many different knife holders, and which type of holder you should choose depends on your personal preferences. However, a wall-mounted knife holder is a good choice in many cases. One of the advantages of a wall-mounted knife holder is that such a holder does not take up any space on the kitchen counter. Furthermore, it is a very elegant solution.

Wooden Knife Magnet – Choose Between Oak and Walnut Wood

In our range, you will find a variety of wooden knife magnets. You will find our knife magnets in both oak and walnut, so whether you prefer a magnetic knife holder in one wood type or the other, we can fulfill your wishes. Just remember to select the desired wood type when ordering.

Mounting the Wall-Mounted Knife Holder

If you buy a knife magnet from Gastrotools, you are guaranteed a beautiful and elegant knife holder with a long lifespan that is also easy to mount. The knife holder can be easily mounted with the included screws. All you have to decide is where the knife holder should hang.

Put the Finishing Touches on Your Kitchen with an Elegant Knife Holder

The most important feature of a knife holder is, of course, to take good care of your knives and give you a good overview, but it doesn't hurt if the knife holder is also elegant to look at, right? With a knife holder from our range, you can complete your kitchen, as the knife holders are bursting with personality and elegance. Furthermore, you are guaranteed a unique knife holder when you buy a wooden knife holder, as the wood has a natural variation in pattern.

Order your preferred knife holder today and look forward to receiving the holder within a few business days.