Behind the design and production: Pots and pans in stainless steel

Behind the design and production: Pots and pans in stainless steel

Cookware in stainless steel has always been a leader in the professional kitchen - and there is a very special reason for that. 

This construction is known for its incredible durability and versatility, known for being easy to clean and especially known for the ultimate heat distribution and temperature control

But what makes the 5-ply construction itself so unique, and how is it produced?

Constructed in 5 layers of metal

You've probably come across the term '5-ply' before. A term referring to pots and pans with a strong construction in 5 layers of metal. Here's an overview of what the different layers consist of and how they contribute to the properties of the construction. 

The 5 layers: 

The innermost layer consists of the material SS304, which is characterized by being incredibly stainless, very durable, and tough.

The second and fourth layers consist of pure aluminum 1050. These layers serve to both bond the aluminum core with the stainless steel - but also provide the construction with more strength and better heat distribution than 3-ply constructions. 

The middle layer constitutes the core of the construction, which consists of an aluminum 3003 alloy. This contains, in addition to aluminum, also manganese and magnesium, making the core super strong and providing sublime heat conduction. 

The outermost layer consists of SS430, which is durable and tough. Additionally, this layer is magnetic, making the construction compatible with induction. 

All in all, the 5-ply construction results in pots and pans with incredible durability, heat conduction, and temperature control - distributing heat evenly and making cleaning a breeze. 

Made in Italy

In addition to the unique construction in this 5-ply series, our pots and pans are handmade just outside the town of Como, in a small family-owned workshop, with over 130 years of experience - to ensure pots and pans of the highest quality. 

Each pot and pan is produced with precision, ensuring that they can survive in the professional kitchen while also adding an extra dimension to your everyday cooking. 

Additionally, the pan is equipped with an ergonomic Cool-Grip handle, comfortable to grip. The handle is cast in stainless steel with a round base and a recess for the thumb, resulting in a comfortable and cool touch, even at high frying temperatures.

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