Cutting boards made of wood or plastic - Which is best?

Cutting boards made of wood or plastic - Which is best?

The cutting board is often an overlooked tool in the kitchen: "A cutting board is just a cutting board." When working with a cutting board of poor quality or the wrong material, you will quickly notice the significant influence the cutting board actually has on cooking. Besides knives, the cutting board may be one of the most important tools in the kitchen.

One of the highly debated topics when it comes to cutting boards is the choice of material. Most cutting boards are either made of wood or plastic, but which is best?

In this article, we will attempt to provide you with information to make the right decision about which type of cutting board should adorn your kitchen, and we will delve into why we have chosen to produce our own cutting boards in FSC certified oak.


Intuitively, many would imagine that a plastic cutting board is the most sanitary choice. The thought process might be that a plastic cutting board has a less porous surface that is less susceptible to bacteria or perhaps that it is easier to clean.

According to science (Source 1, source 2), it turns out that the opposite is true. In studies on the hygiene of cutting boards, you get three interesting answers:

Science's answer 1: 99.9% of all bacteria are gone after 3-10 minutes on a wooden cutting board

Science's answer 2: Bacteria thrive and can multiply on plastic cutting boards (if not sanitized)

Science's answer 3: Oak wood is the best at fighting bacteria

The explanation is actually logical:

  1. Wood absorbs the water that bacteria need to survive

  2. Wood produces its own natural antibacterial defense, which it uses to protect itself from bacteria in nature

When it comes to the hygiene of cutting boards, a wooden cutting board is the advantageous choice.

Durability of the Cutting Board

Another consideration when it comes to choosing a cutting board is, of course, the durability of the cutting board. Whereas the plastic cutting board will wear out, lose color, and warp, a wooden cutting board can last for many years without losing its attractive appearance or function.

Wood is a very resilient material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. However, if your wooden cutting board develops deep gouges and scratches, it can always be sanded with fine sandpaper and coated with a layer of food-grade oil to make it look new again. When a plastic cutting board is worn out, there is nothing to be done.

Durability of Your Knives

A wooden cutting board has a surface that is very suitable for cutting on. The wood creates a soft surface that is comfortable to cut on, without being so soft that the knives get stuck or offer resistance. This surface is gentle on your knives and helps them stay sharper for longer.

Some plastic cutting boards can be found with the same hardness as wooden cutting boards, but such cases are rare, and most often plastic cutting boards will either be too soft or too hard, both of which will wear out your knives.


Another important element when it comes to choosing a cutting board is the visual expression. Whereas a plastic cutting board often can appear sterile, wood has a warm glow and beautiful craftsmanship that enhances your kitchen.

Where Does the Wood Come From?

Our cutting boards are crafted from FSC-certified oak from European forests, where each piece of oak is carefully selected, cut, and glued together.


When comparing wooden and plastic cutting boards, the wooden cutting board will be the best choice for many. A wooden cutting board offers better hygiene, better durability, and ensures that your knives stay sharp for as long as possible. Additionally, wooden cutting boards are a beautiful product that will last for many years to come.

Our cutting boards come in two different sizes: 30x20 cm or 45x25 cm, and can also be purchased as a set here. The small cutting board is perfect for small cutting and slicing tasks, as well as for serving. The large cutting board is sized to handle all cutting tasks in your kitchen.

Read our guide to cleaning and maintaining wooden cutting boards here

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