Behind the scenes: Cutting boards in oak wood

Behind the scenes: Cutting boards in oak wood

Come with us to France south of Lyon, where we produce our cutting boards in French oak - at a family-owned workshop, with over 100 years of experience. It's your guarantee for a high-quality oak cutting board.

How our oak cutting boards are produced

1. A piece of the French oak forest

The large oak trees come from the Jura region in France. Here you find some of the best oak trees, with tight growth rings and a finer structure. Because the trees grow slowly, they achieve better strength and fewer knots. French oak also has a high content of tannic acid, which provides antibacterial properties.

2. Drying and quality assurance

When the wood is cut at the sawmill, the planks need to dry. Then the wood is quality assured, checking for knots and inspecting the wood's structure. A good piece of wood, dry and with the right structure, is the prerequisite for creating a stable board that can last for many years.

3. Selecting and matching individual pieces of wood

The large planks are cut into smaller pieces, which are then matched. It's important to mark each piece so that the wood's structure fits together. This is not only for aesthetic expression but especially for the strength and stability of the board.

4. Gluing

When three to five pieces of wood are matched and marked so that the growth ring structure fits together, they need to be glued and set to dry.

5. Shaping the cutting board

Now the cutting board takes its final form. The three to five glued pieces of wood are milled to ensure the size and shape are precise.

6. Sanding the board and rounding the edges

The cutting board has taken shape, but the edges need to be sanded to ensure they are rounded and comfortable to hold. This is done manually while inspecting the cutting boards again to ensure the highest quality.

7. Initial oiling

After sanding, the boards are oiled with vegetable oils. This unique oil treatment ensures that the wood is protected and prevents it from drying out. The boards are allowed to absorb as much oil as they can.

8. An extra step for an extraordinary finish

When wooden cutting boards are exposed to water, you'll almost always see the wood fibers raise, creating a rough surface. There's nothing wrong with that - you can easily smooth the surface with a sanding sponge and apply food oil or wood oil for the purpose. See our guide for care and cleaning here →

We include a sanding sponge with all our cutting boards for surface maintenance. But to give you an even better finish, we've added an extra step in production.

All cutting boards are briefly dipped in water to provoke the raising of the wood's fibers. Then they're dried, sanded, polished, and oiled for a second time, allowing them plenty of time to absorb the oil.


10. Packaging and shipping to Denmark

When the cutting boards are finished, they are wrapped in grease-resistant paper and placed in a beautiful cotton bag. A small sanding sponge is included in each bag so you can keep your cutting board in good condition. Read how here →

And now the board is shipped to Denmark, from where we pack and send it on to you. An exceptional cutting board, which undergoes a long series of steps based on over 100 years of French craftsmanship tradition and expertise.

All to give you a beautiful, strong, and naturally antibacterial cutting board that you can enjoy for the rest of your life if you take care of it.

See our guide on what to do when you receive the board - and how to take care of it here →


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