Cleaning cutting boards in oak wood

Cleaning cutting boards in oak wood

When it comes to cutting boards, you should always opt for one made of wood rather than plastic or bamboo. Plastic cutting boards don't last as long as you might think - and they can tend to dull your kitchen knives.

Wooden cutting boards don't dull your kitchen knives, and they actually last for many years if you take care of them. Especially if you choose a high-quality one like solid oak, which also has fantastic natural antibacterial properties.

Before using your wooden cutting board 

When you receive your cutting board, you should wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it with water on both sides. Even though we oil our boards twice and sand them twice, the fibers can still rise a bit and give a rough surface the first few times you wash the cutting board.

It's completely normal and natural for all wooden boards. 

In the workshop in France, our cutting boards are sanded once first, after which the boards are dipped in water to raise the wood fibers. Then the boards are sanded again. This means that the fibers don't rise as much when you start using your cutting board. You can read about the entire production process here →

But since wood is a natural material, it cannot be completely avoided, and it is also a good opportunity to become a master in caring for your new cutting board. 

After you have washed / dried your cutting board, it should air dry. Then you can remove any raised wood fibers with the included sanding sponge - and finally, give the board a bit of wood balm or possibly just a little cooking oil (e.g., sunflower or rapeseed). 

Daily cleaning of wooden cutting boards

The key to giving your cutting boards a long and good life is to control moisture. Wood consists of natural fibers that will absorb water and potentially can become warped when the wood dries again. Therefore, it is extremely important that you never let the cutting board soak in water for long - and especially not in the dishwasher!

On a daily basis, you can advantageously use a sponge or brush and clean your cutting board in warm water and soap. Just scrub until any stains or food residues are gone - but ALWAYS REMEMBER to wash both sides of the board, so it doesn't warp and become uneven. 

Dry the cutting board with a dishcloth and stand it against the wall to air dry completely. You should never lay a damp cutting board flat on the table or in a drawer, as it will prevent the board from drying properly. 

How to remove stains from the cutting board

If there are stains on your cutting board or wooden chopping board, there is a solution - even if you've been cutting beets or turmeric... 

You only need two things - baking soda and water. Put a couple of tablespoons of baking soda directly on the surface of the cutting board, and then add just enough water to achieve a smooth "paste"-like consistency.

Scrub the mixture into the cutting board with a sponge and then rinse with water and soap. Wipe the board dry and then let it air dry completely against a wall. 

Read more about how to care for your oak cutting board here →

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