5 things you can make on a griddle

5 things you can make on a griddle

The griddle is fantastic for making many things - whether it's breakfast, delicious steaks, or burgers for the whole family.
Here we showcase some of our favorite dishes that you can make with our griddle.


Perhaps the most classic and popular dish to make on a griddle. And especially for smashburgers, it's crucial that you also have a smasher to get delicious, thin, and crispy patties in your burger.

In addition to smashburgers being incredibly easy to make, they also taste fantastic. Once you've shaped and seasoned your ground beef, you should place them on the griddle and smash them flat. When the patties are cooked, you can toast your burger buns (we prefer brioche) directly on the griddle.
Read the entire recipe here.

Brunch for the Whole Family

The griddle is ideal for making brunch for the whole family.

In addition to having fantastic frying capabilities, you can also utilize the griddle's large surface to fry bacon, eggs, and sausages simultaneously - something a regular frying pan wouldn't be able to handle.

Pancakes are an indispensable part of a classic brunch, and with the griddle, you can also prepare these to perfection. It can be challenging to keep pancakes warm and delicious when you can only make a few at a time, but with the griddle, you can make up to 12 small pancakes at once.

In addition, you can divide the griddle into two heat zones, allowing you to continue making more pancakes on one side while keeping the cooked ones warm on the other side. Therefore, the griddle is perfectly designed to make a delicious brunch for the whole family.

Toast and Sandwiches

If you love toast or a good sandwich, you should try making it on a griddle.

The key to getting melted cheese in the middle surrounded by a crispy crust is to press the bread with a grill press / smasher. This helps evenly melt the cheese and gives your bread full contact with the griddle's carbon steel surface.

With the griddle's excellent heat control, you can quickly reduce the heat and cook your sandwich slower, so you don't end up with burnt bread and hard, cold cheese.

A little tip: Spread the outside of the bread with mayonnaise instead of butter to get an even better crust.

Fish and Seafood

Griddles are suitable for preparing both fish and seafood. You can use them to cook whole fish or seafood - such as shrimp or a range of lobsters with butter and parsley.

The griddle ensures a crispy crust while retaining juiciness and flavor. The high temperature of the griddle helps to highlight flavor nuances, which means you can advantageously keep the seasonings simple.

A griddle has a natural seasoning / seasoning, which provides a nonstick effect, so if you prepare acidic food on it, this seasoning can be broken down. We love seafood with lemon juice, but recommend not adding it directly to the griddle itself.

Steak and Vegetables

A griddle allows you to cook a juicy steak with a crispy crust and serve it with tasty fresh vegetables.

You may already be familiar with how fantastic carbon steel is for frying meat if you already own a cast iron pan. With a griddle, you can make the perfect steak while cooking your vegetables to perfection so they become wonderfully crispy.

Moreover, the griddle is ideal when you need to prepare steaks for many people at once. You can fry them simultaneously, ensuring that the first steaks don't get cold while you continue with the rest.

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