5 reasons to choose a carbon steel frying pan

5 reasons to choose a carbon steel frying pan

Have you ever considered getting your hands on a carbon steel frying pan?

We totally understand!

Even though it's been challenging to condense all the fantastic qualities of carbon steel into one blog post, here are 5 reasons why you should choose this fantastic frying pan.

1. Natural Nonstick - PFAS Free

Have you heard of the term "seasoning" before?

If you're already the lucky owner of a carbon steel pan, you definitely know what I'm talking about!

Seasoning is indeed one of the most characteristic features of a carbon steel frying pan.

In short, it's an oil layer that is seared onto the surface of the pan, providing a natural nonstick effect.

This gives the pan a fantastic nonstick property - and the advantage of this seasoning is that the pan is nonstick while being free of all PFAS substances!

This means that you can fry the perfect steak - without it sticking, and without worrying about your - or the environment's - health.

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2. Frying Properties

Now to the (perhaps) most important point - how does the frying result turn out?

Absolutely fantastic!

With a carbon steel frying pan, you can create a crust on your steaks or vegetables like you've never seen before.

You can do this because the pan has unique heating properties - specifically, this pan can get incredibly hot while retaining heat. Even at medium heat on the stove.

That means when you place your steak on the pan, there isn't a big drop in temperature.

So the Maillard reaction starts right away, resulting in a crispy caramelization of the steak's surface.

The result: The perfect crust!

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3. Lifetime Durability

It may not come as a shock that iron is durable - but it really shows with this type of frying pan.

Not only can the material really take a beating in the kitchen without being damaged, but the pan can also maintain its strength for many years to come.

In fact, we would dare to say that if you buy a carbon steel frying pan and maintain it properly, you will enjoy it for the rest of your life!

Yes, it's actually not unthinkable that the pan will be passed down through generations.

But what should you be aware of?

The material is extremely durable and more or less impossible to wear down - but there are two particular things that can go wrong - especially if you use the pan on an induction stove.

Drastic temperature changes and rust.

Boost function on your induction stove or cold water on a hot pan is therefore a clear 'no-go'. But that goes for all other pans too.

And to avoid rust, you should pay attention to a couple of things when cleaning and storing the pan.

But if you follow our tips, it's actually incredibly easy to keep the pan in top shape.

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4. Versatility - for All Heat Sources

Induction, gas stove, oven, grill, or campfire?

No problem!

The carbon steel frying pan can be used on all heat sources.

With this pan, you get the (maybe) most versatile pan you could ever get your hands on.

If you're going to fry a thick cote de boeuf, you can first sear the steak perfectly and then put the pan in the oven to finish cooking the steak.

Are you cooking outdoors?

Then a carbon steel frying pan is perfect to have with you! You can throw the pan directly over the fire without any problems.

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5. Aesthetic Addition to the Kitchen

Can you imagine how a carbon steel frying pan would fit into your kitchen?

This pan has a rustic and beautiful look - and the color of the pan changes every time you use it.

Our carbon steel frying pan is handmade in Italian carbon steel, which not only provides a pan of incredible quality but also a pan that you won't want to hide in the drawer.

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