Carbon steel frying pan: The best pan for outdoor cooking

Carbon steel frying pan: The best pan for outdoor cooking

Some of the best things we enjoy in the warm summer months are outdoor cooking - preferably over an open fire. Whether you're sitting in the courtyard, garden, at the beach, or in the woods, there's something magical about the combination of aromas from smoke and the fresh air. It's essential to use the right kitchen equipment when cooking outdoors. You need a frying pan that can withstand high temperatures, has a smooth cooking surface, and, most importantly, has a good weight that makes it easier to handle and take on the go.

A carbon steel frying pan is also great for the grill.

Now you might be thinking, "Why should I put a pan on the grill?" One of the biggest challenges of grilling is uneven heat distribution. Many say "know your grill" - meaning, know where it's hottest and coldest.

When you put the pan on the grill, you get an even cooking surface with good heat distribution - and all the delicious juices stay in the pan, giving you a perfect sear, cooking, and intense flavor combined with the great aromas of smoke and fire.

So, which frying pan should you choose?

Iron pans, cast iron pans, or griddle plates?

When it comes to cooking at high temperatures, you have several options - a raw cast iron frying pan, a carbon steel frying pan, or a griddle plate.

A carbon steel pan is lighter than both the cast iron pan and the griddle plate, making it more suitable for taking on the go.

If you're cooking a larger batch of food outdoors, a griddle plate is perfect for this. Depending on how many people you're cooking for, you can choose either a large or small griddle plate.

We recommend either taking a carbon steel pan or a griddle plate with you when cooking outdoors.

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The perfect frying pan for the grill

Carbon steel pans are perfect for outdoor cooking. With a lower weight than cast iron, quick heating, and fantastic heat properties, you get a perfect cooking result. Iron pans can withstand up to 650°C, making it perfect for cooking over an open fire. Over time, seasoning builds up on the pan, giving it natural non-stick properties, and the pan can be used on all heat sources, including gas grills, charcoal grills, and open fire. With Gastrotools carbon steel frying pan, you can cook whatever you want on a warm summer day.

Why you should use a frying pan on the grill

With a frying pan, you avoid small foods falling through the grill grates - imagine asparagus, shrimp, radishes, onions, and small peppers. With the ability to place the frying pan directly on the grill, you can do all the cooking in one place. And you get an extra cooking surface besides the grill grate. For example, you can fry peppers and onions in the frying pan while you have the sausages or bread directly on the grill. Or maybe scallops in the pan while the corn cobs are on the grill. The possibilities are many - and with the frying pan's handle, it becomes even easier to handle cooking on the grill.

When you're grilling or cooking outdoors next summer, make sure to have a good carbon steel pan. It heats up quickly, adapts to both high heat and cooler cooking temperatures, can withstand extremely high heat, and serves as a good base for cooking on the grill. Whether you're making smashburgers or grilling a good steak with grilled vegetables - the iron pan has your back.

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