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Professional whisk - perfect for whisking bearnaise, egg whites, whipped cream and much more. With its 7 strong whisking wires, you can easily incorporate air into the mixture.

  • 7 robust stainless steel whisking wires for effective whisking.
  • Versatile 20 cm "whisk head" suitable for most whisking tasks in the kitchen.
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle made of G10 composite with an end rim that prevents the whisk from slipping into the bowl or pot.

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<li>Stainless steel</li>
<li>G10 composite handle</li>

  • Stainless steel
  • G10 composite handle

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Maximum Whisking Power and Comfort

Are you tired of whisks that break after just a short period of use?

Whether you're in charge of the sauce for the Christmas dinner or just need to whisk some eggs for an omelette, having a good whisk is crucial.

Here you get 7 strong stainless steel wires that offer maximum whisking power, allowing you to easily whip air into sauces, egg whites, or finely mix the egg mixture for your omelette.

Unlike cheaper plastic or silicone whisks, our whisk is made of stainless steel with a G10 composite handle. This means you don’t have to worry about your whisk melting if you accidentally leave it in the pot—and you can look forward to the best whisking comfort, thanks to the composite handle.

And yes—we've added a small rim to the handle to prevent it from slipping into the bowl or pot.

Trusted by professionals

Thomas Rode

Former Michelin chef

Dak Wichangoen

Former Michelin chef and Masterchef judge

Brian Mark Hansen

Kitchen chef, Søllerød Kro

Jeppe Foldager

Head Chef, Dragsholm Castle