How to clean your carbon steel frying pan

How to clean your carbon steel frying pan

The cleaning of your carbon steel frying pan is very important to get the best experiences with this pan.

In this article, we will take you through 3 tips for cleaning your carbon steel frying pan.

These methods depend on how much food has stuck to the pan after cleaning.

Why can't you just use the toughest method every time?

That's because we are interested in maintaining as much of the natural nonstick seasoning as we have spent a long time giving the pan.

Method 1: Dry with kitchen paper

If you have cooked something in your pan that hasn't stuck, it's simple to clean. All you have to do is remove excess fats and food residues with a piece of kitchen paper. Then the pan is ready for storage.
If there are some food residues stuck, you can first remove these with your spatula and then wipe the pan with kitchen paper.

Method 2: Salt method

If you have, for example, fried bacon or other meat, it can happen that something has stuck to the pan. But this is fortunately also easy to remove without removing your seasoning, which provides natural nonstick - and therefore should remain intact.

All you have to do is apply coarse salt to the frying pan and a little oil. Then spread the mixture around on the plate until the stubborn food residues are gone.

Method 3: Simmer method

If method 2 has not been enough to remove the food residues, you can try the following method: Start by covering the surface of the pan with a little water and let it simmer while gently scraping the surface with a wooden spatula to remove the last food residues. However, it is important to ensure that the pan becomes completely dry afterwards and apply a thin layer of oil to prevent rust formation. When these steps are completed, it is ready for storage.

How to clean your pan thoroughly

If you have lent your iron pan to a friend who has not been quite punctual with our care guides, it can happen that burnt food residues or rust adhere to the surface. Especially if the frying pan has been exposed to water/moisture, you risk rust formation.

But fear not!

With this two-step method, you can make your carbon steel frying pan look like new:

Note: With both of these methods, it is necessary to give your pan a new seasoning afterwards, as these remove the existing seasoning.

Step 1: Scrub the pan

If there are food residues on your iron pan, you can scrub the surface with a brush, coarse sponge, or a lump of steel wool.

Step 2: Use vinegar

If there are still food residues or rust in the frying pan, then we have one last trick:

1. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in your carbon steel pan and place it over medium heat on the stove or grill.

2. Pour out the mixture.

3. Scrub the pan thoroughly with hot water and soap to remove any food or rust residues.

4. After cleaning, it is important to give your pan a new layer of seasoning by burning it in with a thin layer of oil. This helps to rebuild the protective coating and nonstick effect.

Create a new seasoning by following our guide here.

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