Paring Knife

9 cm |

Indispensable and versatile paring knife in VG10 steel, offering perfect sharpness and precision in every small cut - possibly the most important knife after the classic chef's knife.

  • Paring / Herb Knife: For all those small cutting tasks
  • Ultra-sharp steel: 67 layers of VG10 steel (61 HRC)
  • Comfortable grip: Handle in G10 composite
  • Perfect balance: Makes cutting work easy and comfortable

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<li>Only use plastic or wooden cutting boards</li>
<li>Always wash by hand and dry immediately</li>
<li>Use a ceramic honing rod and/or sharpening stone</li>

  • Only use plastic or wooden cutting boards
  • Always wash by hand and dry immediately
  • Use a ceramic honing rod and/or sharpening stone

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The Paring Knife — Your Versatile Kitchen Tool

There are some tools that are indispensable in a kitchen. A paring knife is one of them. Gastrotools' version of the paring knife is extremely versatile, enabling you to handle many different tasks in the kitchen with it at your side.

Its great versatility is one reason why a paring knife like this can function as a smaller version of the traditional chef's knife. In other words, you get a tool that is hard to be without in your toolkit when you want to create delicious meals.

Feel secure when working with the paring knife in hand

Herbs often need to be chopped in the kitchen. But our paring knife, with its 9 cm sharp blade, can handle any cutting task where precision is key. It's also excellent for slicing small, fine pieces of, for example, ginger or garlic.

The firm grip you have on the handle, combined with the blade's precision, ensures that you can always feel confident when working with the paring knife in hand.

Need to chop greens for the lunch salad? Or perhaps cut lots of delicious fruit for the family's afternoon snack? A paring knife is indispensable in your kitchen and, due to its great versatility, can be considered the little brother to the classic chef's knife.

Our paring knife is made from quality steel, ensuring a precise cut every time you need to chop herbs.

Extreme hardness and sharpness

Our kitchen knives are a celebration of advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship. The unique composition of VG10 steel ensures a blade hardness of an impressive 61 HRC, surpassing standard kitchen knives significantly. This not only means long-lasting sharpness but also a reliability you can count on every day, year after year.

Read more about VG10 steel

Aesthetic beauty and ultimate strength

Not only are our kitchen knives a visual delight with their 67 layers of steel creating a breathtaking wave pattern, but each layer also contributes to a strength that protects the core and ensures the knife's integrity. Whether slicing, chopping, or filleting, our kitchen knives express a design balance between art and science.

Extreme sharpness for life

Trusted by professionals

Thomas Rode

Former Michelin chef

Dak Wichangoen

Former Michelin chef and Masterchef judge

Brian Mark Hansen

Kitchen chef, Søllerød Kro

Jeppe Foldager

Head Chef, Dragsholm Castle