Omelette with semi-sundried tomatoes and cheese

A perfect meal for one, both nutritious and filling, while also incredibly quick to prepare. This delicious omelette is made with both semi-sun-dried tomatoes, grated cheese and fresh herbs in order to turn up the flavor.

 Enjoy it as is, or with toasted rye bread with butter or simply a good salad with vinaigrette.


Serves 1


3 eggs

½ dl milk

Butter for frying

1 handful of grated hard cheese, e.g. Parmesan

50 g semi-sun-dried tomatoes

1 handful of fresh herbs for garnish, e.g. watercress  and watercress

Salt and pepper


Step by step

Beat the eggs with milk, salt and pepper.

Melt the butter in a pan and pour in the egg mixture. Stir it until it starts to set, then sprinkle with grated cheese and semi-sun-dried tomatoes (save some for decoration). Roll up the omelette, arrange it on a plate, and garnish with semi-sundried tomatoes, grated cheese and fresh herbs.

Enjoy possibly with butter toasted rye bread.

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